Changing of the Guard



Things are always changing in the real estate industry and the staff here at Positive Realty is no different.  For the last five years, Maria Stanifer has been the guard on duty for Nelson Torfin Real Estate Group.  Her attention to detail and her knowledge in real estate made her an ideal fit for this amazing team.  Now that Maria's daughter, Olivia, also an employee at Positive Realty, will be graduating high school this spring, Maria and Dan, her husband, have decided to live their dream.  Buying 50 acres of land in the mountains of northeast Tennessee, they are building their yurt that allows them to live a more self-sustained lifestyle of living off the land as much as possible, raising livestock and gardening.  While we will all miss her dearly, there is such excitement for her journey ahead! 


Our other excitement comes from her replacement, our new guard on duty!  Jill Mick is originally from Minneapolis and moved to Brainerd 21 years ago with her husband, Reed.  They've been married for 24 years and have three sons, all who are in college.  Jill's background is with working with a non-profit child care center.  Her experience there and managing the day to day life of a child care center gives her the skill set to work with a group of fast paced realtors and all of the demands that come with this position.  Jills free time is spend doing yoga, reading, gardening, and playing with her dog, Gus. 

Over the next 5 months, Maria and Jill will work together to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved.  At the end of April, Maria will officially hand over the reigns and Jill will fill those shoes.  Please take the time to congratulate Maria on her upcoming changes and welcome Jill to the team.  2018 should be a fun filled exciting time for us all!