Chess in Real Estate

Real Estate

Buying a home is like a big game of chess, buyers on one side and sellers on the other. But oh my how playing that game has changed over the years. Not the negotiation of a contract or how you’ll walk through the home when it is something you’d like but the steps before you get to said house. Back in the day when you wanted to buy a house, you would contact an agent you found either from an ad in the paper, the phone book or a referral from someone you know. You would then walk into their real estate office, sit across the desk from them, go through the list of what your wants and needs are for a home and they would print out the list of the homes that come close to your criteria. After you selected the ones that peeked your interest, let the games begin! Your agent would set up the showings and you’d hop in their car and off you would go. Spending the day with this individual you knew very little about.

Can you imagine? Having to go in and talk to your agent face to face? We have all grown to shutter at the thought of that. Now we search online ourselves, typing in the criteria that we want and some things we will never find in the price range we can afford. Taking it upon ourselves to be the area experts on where the homes are located and the shape they are in. Seeing is believing, right? I can’t imagine that the photos we’re looking at would ever be misleading. If you’re lucky enough to be interested in a property that has an agent using a professional photographer, you get a better idea of what you might walk in to. And while our iPhones can take some wonderful pictures, I’m not sure that the quality of those shots for one of your largest purchases of your life is really the best bet.

What am I saying, we should go back to the days of walking into that office? It’s not the worst idea in the world but it’ll never happen, we are too far gone for that and barring the zombie apocalypse starting sooner than expected, we will continue to move forward in our technology and search to never be required to speak to anyone again. This means looking online, relying on those photos that may or may not be accurate. Sending emails to agents expecting a reply instantly and if we don’t, move on to the next agent.

This phenomenon is not isolated to the real estate industry. Need new shoes? Search online for the best brands and where to find them then go try them on. Better yet, just order them, try them on at home and return if you don’t like them! Furniture? You got it, look online and order! This is not just connected to Millenials, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, Baby Boomers or any other name that has been adopted to designate a certain group of individuals, we are all guilty of it to one degree or another.  We have chosen to embrace these changes when it comes to business or we'd be left in the dust.

Here we all sit at the chess board, not with a buyer or seller but with technology and they are steps away from calling checkmate......